Why do brands need private domain traffic?

With health incidents affecting almost every country in the world this year, Chinese consumers are also shifting their cross-border shopping demands online. For third-party services with an international perspective, an important trend is that overseas brands are no longer limited to a single cross-border e-commerce platform, but actively integrate into the WeChat ecosystem and enter the huge Chinese market through WeChat mini program mall.

“The private domain is the experience center of the brand. “ With the disappearance of the traffic dividend, many brands and companies have turned to the treasure trove of private domain traffic. Private domain traffic operation has become a new growth driver for the cross-border e-commerce industry. As the cost of acquiring customers is getting higher and higher, the value of private domain traffic is constantly improving, and the transaction mode of traditional e-commerce platform is gradually shifting to the operation mode of private domain traffic. Only by relying on more traffic, exposing through public platforms with large traffic, setting up traffic in private domain, depositing users, maintaining a deeper relationship, and then repeatedly and directly using, can e-commerce achieve the goal effect of high customer unit price, or even bring more effective traffic. And WeChat, mini program, official accounts, enterprise WeChat are important resources to create private domain traffic layout, among them, LinkieBuy is most popular for providing professional operation teams for overseas merchants. The sales mode of small program mall is very suitable for private operation and can continuously output product value.

LinkieBuy is a professional operation team dedicated to overseas merchants, which can build a private domain core user system for merchants, such as sharing daily knowledge within the community, conveying product promotion information, live-streaming with goods and other activities, deepening users’ understanding of product information through continuous interaction within the private domain, thus realizing the conversion of purchase rate. It also helps merchants get more direct feedback from users in the process, so it can further optimize product content and marketing decisions based on demand.

Do you want to sell your products and grow your traffic in China through private domain operations? Contact LinkieBuy and we can provide you with professional private domain operations services.

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