The advantages of WeChat mini program mall

What are the advantages of WeChat mini program mall?

1.WeChat has a large number of users

The number of daily active users of WeChat has reached nearly 1.2 billion, and the number of daily active users of WeChat mini-programs has exceeded 450 million. Therefore, WeChat mini-programs have certain inherent advantages in terms of traffic, communication, payment and fission.

2. Good user experience

WeChat mini-program is very user-friendly, and can be used on WeChat without downloading an app or occupying mobile phone memory. With the development and growth of WeChat mini-programs in recent years, the functions and gameplay of mini-programs are also constantly being upgraded.

3. Social attributes reduce customer acquisition costs

Relying on the WeChat ecosystem, mini-programs have also attracted much attention in the field of e-commerce, and now there are many retail mini-program malls that stand out. With the increasingly diversified operation methods of mini program malls, it saves the cost of customer acquisition for merchants to a large extent. Relying on social relationships can expand media and public attributes to a breadth that is difficult to reach with traditional e-commerce.

At the same time, the Mini Program Mall can also combine various channels such as video accounts, WeChat official accounts, WeChat groups, and Moments to increase the exposure of merchants’ products. Combining marketing tools such as group buying and distribution, and using social advantages to compete for the stock market while the incremental market is stable.

4. Strong management function

The Mini Program Mall also has powerful management functions, including store management, order management, member user management, financial management, etc. Merchants can clearly see the operation and sales of their products, and spend the least time and cost to achieve efficient management and operation of the mall .

What can merchants get from the Mini Program Mall?

1.Backed by the WeChat traffic pool, get fast user fission

WeChat Mini Program Mall can allow customers to attract more customer groups and achieve the purpose of rapid fission through sharing with friends, group chats, and circles of friends. For merchants, this is the most effective and direct way to promote product sales and accumulate customers.

2. Enhance brand exposure and quickly build brand awareness

Through the fission marketing model such as official account, nearby stores, and moment, the Mini Program Mall is conducive to the establishment of consumers’ awareness of the brand.

3.Low cost, fast solution for offline and online traffic conversion

The customer acquisition cost of the Mini Program Mall is extremely low, and it can effectively acquire customers both online and offline. For merchants, quick access to user traffic can quickly generate sales orders.

The rich functions of WeChat Mini Program Mall, such as product display, product ordering, product payment, product marketing, membership system, product management, product order management and other functions are very prominent, which is not only conducive to meeting consumers’ shopping needs , but also greatly enhance the development needs of businesses. In short, the WeChat Mini Program Mall has many advantages, and the early access to the game will benefit early. If you want to quickly sell your products to Chinese consumers through WeChat Mini Program Mall, contacting LinkieBuy must be the most convenient way.

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