So many ways to enter the Chinese market, why choose the WeChat Mini Program Mall?

In the Chinese market, there is a strong demand for cross-border consumption by Chinese users, but the experience is hardly satisfying. Cross-border merchants frequently experience issues in storage docking and onerous customs clearance procedures when entering the Chinese market, making it impossible to respond swiftly to sudden changes in customer demand.

Communication is one of the key links in the development of e-commerce. Mini program mall can give an effective boost to small and medium-sized overseas retailers, as it has nearly 1.1 billion user traffic. At present, the daily active users of WeChat are about 1.1 billion, and the huge user space shows that small program e-commerce still has huge user growth dividend.

For retailers, cross-border e-commerce based on Wechat small program mall not only has a massive user pool but also fully benefits from the cost of attracting customers. Meanwhile, it may avoid the inconveniences associated with APPs and other e-commerce platforms, such as login, registration, link sharing, and frequent page hops. Mini program malls are the greatest solution for merchants looking to join the Chinese market since they overcome the difficulties of “attracting customers” and “high cost.”

Maybe you will ask what is WeChat Mini program mall?

Wechat mini program mall may be utilized without downloading and installing apps since it is based on Wechat ecology. It fulfills the goal of having applications “at your fingertips,” and users may access them by scanning or searching. It also incorporates the “use it and go” idea, so users don’t have to worry about installing too many programs. “No installation, no uninstall, ready to use,” in general.

Mini program mall development threshold is generally low for companies, can satisfy the simple basic application, appropriate for retail department stores offline shops, tourist, duty-free sector, and non-rigid low-frequency application conversion. It supports message notification, offline code scanning, public number association, and other functions.

LinkieBuy, a comprehensive provider specializing in cross-border e-commerce, can provide competent and diverse solutions for international shops looking to establish online sales channels. Businesses that use mini program mall construction may no longer rely on centralized promotional holidays, traffic sources, and operating restrictions, but can instead carry out a range of inventive marketing techniques on their own, allowing them to swiftly reach traffic realization.

You can contact LinkieBuy if you wish to offer your items to the Chinese market via the Wechat mini program mall.

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