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Cross-border EC Solutions
¥ 10K Yearly


Basic+Local APPT Solutions
¥ 15k Yearly


Basic+Pro+Distribution Solutions
¥ 30k Yearly


Upgrade+Integrated Solutions
¥ 50k Yearly

Please check features on the desktop

Store configuration
Store building
Order system
Store settings
Staff accounts
Roles and data restrictions×
Reduced postage
Limited time sales×
Feature page××
Coupon event×
Coupon center×
Live broadcast××
Product recommendation×
Opening ads××
Member list management
Member growth system
Points mall×
Customized benefits×
Business analysis×
Paid pluginsLocal self pickup + Underwriting××
Local e-commerce××
Appointment function××
Promotion channels×
Xingyun distribution platform××
Technical supportDemand feedback timeframe7 working days5 working days3 working days1 working days
API (standard interface)
Interfacing with third-party systems
Pre-sales technical support×
Logistics provider customization
Payment channel customization
After-sales serviceResponse time-1-3 hours3h (working hours)2h (working hours)2h (working hours)1h (working hours)
Build link time limit5 working days3 working days2 working days1 working days
Service group validityDisbanded after going onlineDisbanded 1 month after launchDismissed 3 months after launchPermanent validity
System buildingProduct manual and function list
System delivery methodProduct ManualRemote Video DeliveryRemote Video DeliveryVideo Delivery/Home Delivery
System delivery time limitWithin 30 working daysWithin 15 working daysWithin 7 working daysWithin 3 working days
Agent operation servicesMini program store agent operation
Full planning solution
Community agent operation
Advertising (different channels & fees)
Red agent operation
Official accounts agent operation
Douyin agent operation
Live agent operation
Single product detail page design
Full-screen home page design
Poster design
Single product photography
Customer agent service
√Support × Not support ○Can be purchased separately


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We have a 7-day free trial for you to experience our powerful tools and modules. During this period, all features are available to use. For every plan, as it can only be used with WeChat/Alipay platform, please contact us for assistance.

You can pick a plan based on your sales channel. For offline sellers, for example, we recommend using “Pro” solution. Talk to our consultant to know what plan best fits your need!

LinkieBuy is committed to provide a quick-to-start DIY online shop on WeChat/Alipay platform service, tools include order and inventory management, online payment, integrated logistics options, various marketing tools. Whether you are online merchants, startups, social community sellers or corporates, get your products ready and click Start Trial to begin your exciting journey with us!

You may check the details of each plan in the admin panel and then pay directly to upgrade before your trial expires. You may also contact our e-Commerce consultant for assistance.

If the merchant needs to provide logistics with LinkieBuy, the merchant needs to inform LinkieBuy of the specific product specifications and volume in advance, so as to facilitate the next evaluation and quotation with the LinkieBuy logistics team.

If the merchant has a cooperative acquirer, it can be recommended to LinkieBuy for payment connection, so that the payment can be received in real time. If not, LinkieBuy can help connect payment institutions.

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