Mastering the marketing methods of WeChat ecology is essential for traffic growth

Nowadays, more and more overseas merchants give priority to the WeChat mini program mall when they enter China market, however, the layout of WeChat mini program is only the first step, and the subsequent construction of private domains is required. Traffic pools, multi-channel traffic drainage, scenario-based content, social e-commerce marketing methods, etc. are the necessary skills for traffic growth.

The first step to join China — Open WeChat mini program mall

It is a trend to open a mini program mall in the WeChat ecosystem. The realization of traffic flow through mini programs, based on the strong marketing attributes of mini programs, stimulates rapid fission and spread, and can bring more customers and store orders.

Now, the development market of WeChat mini-program mall has matured, and some professional and reliable service providers have emerged. Overseas merchants can contact LinkieBuy to quickly build mini-program malls in the WeChat ecosystem. LinkieBuy provides one-stop cross-border e-commerce solutions. Online store opening is more efficient, and it can quickly seize the traffic dividends of China’s e-commerce market.

What types of overseas products are suitable for entering the Chinese market through private domain traffic channels?

After overseas retailers and brands have opened mini-program malls, they need to deploy their own private domain traffic pool, do in-depth intensive cultivation of target customers, and find new increments in the stock.

For the WeChat ecology, the economic circle has formed: the establishment of the personal account, community, WeChat business account, official account, video account, WeChat Mini Program Mall… Merchants can use these channels to cultivate users and promote sale.

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