LinkieBuy provides distribution function for oversea merchants

  • LinkieBuy distribution platform provides merchants with massive distribution products

LinkieBuy distribution platform has many rich and high-quality domestic and foreign sources of goods, which can provide merchants with massive distribution products. For some overseas merchants, when operating a cross-border mini program mall, they may find their types of products are limited and cannot meet the actual needs of customers. At this time, they can use the distribution platform to realize the core demands of selecting goods, thereby further helping overseas merchants to revitalize their private domain traffic.

  • LinkieBuy distribution platform provides merchants with rich distribution channels

LinkieBuy distribution platform has many rich and high-quality distribution channels in China. When overseas merchants upload products on their small program mall, the products can be simultaneously uploaded to our Xingyun supply chain product library. Currently, we has covered 200+ online e-commerce channel, 350,000 + retailer online and offline in China. This can enable merchants to quickly realize high sale growth in China’s market.

  • LinkieBuy distribution platform provides distributor function for merchants

The downstream of the LinkieBuy distribution platform is China’s massive consumer customers. The mini program mall built by LinkieBuy for merchants has launched the distributor function. Consumers can apply to become the distributor of the mini program mall, and merchants can select the designated products to the distributor. Merchants can set the distribution commission, and after the distribution is successful, distributor can obtain the corresponding commission.

At present, LinkieBuy’s omni-channel omni-scenario marketing solution for overseas merchants has supported more than 100 well-known overseas retailers to import cross-border distribution and retail solutions. Promote the integration of online and offline development for overseas merchants and build competition barriers.

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