LinkieBuy, OuiTrust to Help European Stores Explore the Chinese Market

LinkieBuy and OuiTrust formally reached a strategic cooperation to help European stores in digital transformation and Chinese market exploration using their respective advantages.
It’s reported that both parties will cooperate closely in online store development and management, cross-border payment, international e-commerce services and other aspects to help European stores achieve digital transformation and enter China’s e-commerce market in a legal, easy and fast way.

LinkieBuy and OuiTrust both agreed that in the era of post-epidemic, due to various travel restrictions, world consumer habits have already changed in an earth-shaking way. Cross-border e-commerce will play a vital role in global trading instead of former retailing that heavily rely on international traveling and hospitality. The huge consumption potential of China and numerous well-known brands of French appeal to the two parties and accelerated their cooperation.

According to the agreement, LinkieBuy will provide a one-stop e-commerce solution to China for European businesses, it will provide services including online store development, cross-border logistics services and digital transformation for businesses. OuiTrust will fully unleash its advantage in international finance settlement for Eurasian SMEs, providing European merchants with multi-currency accounts application, global payments and collection.

LinkieBuy is a cross-border e-commerce service brand of Xingyun Group, one of China’s unicorn enterprises and top supply-chain companies. With the resources of Xingyun Group, LinkieBuy is committed to offering digital transformation services for retailers, providing multi-platform online store development, global warehousing, logistics solutions, international order management, and other one-stop e-commerce trade services to help multi-category merchants to enter China market quickly. Till September 2021, LinkieBuy’s service has covered Asia, Australia, and Europe. LinkieBuy cumulatively served hundreds of renowned key accounts, including internationally well-known retailers such as Mitsukoshi Isetan and Daimaru Department Store.

OuiTrust is a trading brand of cross-border payment service provider EasyEuro and Kitakami Limited which are licensed by the United Kingdom and UAB Kitakami Europe respectively. OuiTrust has recently been authorized by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority. It specializes in the financial services for SMEs, providing services such as account application, card issuance, global payments, exchange and collection (Visa/MasterCard/AliPay/WeChat Pay/UnionPay). Its payment service has covered 130 countries and regions around the world by far.

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