LinkieBuy launched Thailand Big C WeChat store to seek a global layout

In recent years, factors such as fertility policies, rising incomes, and upgrading of consumption concepts have promoted the rapid development of China’s maternal and infant market. According to data from iiMedia Research, the market size of China’s maternal and child industry will reach 4,085 billion yuan in 2020. And it’s expected to be 7.6 trillion RMB in 2024. No doubtfully, maternal and child has become a major industry component in China’s consumer market.


Big C, affiliated to BJC Group (Berli Jucker Public Company Limited), is a one-stop shopping mall integrating retail supermarkets and malls, with more than 1500 branches in Thailand. With offline and online stores throughout Thailand, Big C focuses on providing customers with quality products, good service and better prices, so that customers can have a pleasant shopping experience.

Big C sells everything, you can find all products you expect, fresh produce, home appliances, discount fashion, a large alcohol selection, as well as a collection of popular Thai gifts. Big C has always been adhering to the concept of integrating the strongest supply chain to provide customers with the lowest price and has always been popular among Chinese tourists to Thailand. Their Ratchadamri store in Bangkok is even known as the last stop of Chinese tourists to Thailand.
However, in recent years, due to the impact of COVID-19, tourism and other related industries, as the pillar industry of Thailand, have suffered a heavy blow, especially the retail industry. The retail center for tourists has witnessed a sharp drop in footfall.

By far, as the virus is under control in some countries, the trade center that mainly focuses on foreign tourists are seeking opportunities in global market through ecommerce.

In order to get out of the passive affect and inject vitality into the sluggish economy during the epidemic, Big C is also making changes along with the trend. It has reached cooperation with LinkieBuy, launched the online Big C WeChat store, shifted its business focus from physical retail to online retail, and sent products directly to Chinese consumers to achieve better sales.

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