LinkieBuy launched Belleriere online cross-border store to enhance its brand influence and market competitiveness in China

LinkieBuy officially launched the Belleriere Skin Care cross-border store on Chinese biggest social platform WeChat recently. This is Belleriere’s first march to Chinese market since the sign with LinkieBuy.

Belleriere is a Japanese medical beauty brand, focuses on the natural power of skin, thus they create products with balanced and gentle features. Since the beginning of the brand, Belleriere has upheld the principle of “Do not cause burden to the skin, provide skin only with needy, safe and effective ingredients “. With this great passion for medical beauty, Belleriere had developed several welcomed products and gain some loyal Chinese customers.

This time, the cooperation between Belleriere and LinkieBuy is based on bilateral compensation of capability. Through the WeChat store building, operation, marketing, logistics and other services provided by LinkieBuy, Belleriere will further cater to the demands of Chinese consumers and improve their user experience.

As for this launch, Belleriere expects to show Chinese consumer more about their products and enhance its brand influence and market competitiveness in the Chinese market.

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