Linkiebuy helps Ornee successfully achieve digital transformation

Recently, LinkieBuy officially launched the Mini Program Mall of Ornee. This is the first step for LinkieBuy to help its online entry into China since the Ornee and LinkieBuy signed a cooperation agreement in December 2021.

Ornee duty-free shop was established in 2010 in Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It mainly sells German brands of pen, leather and classic kitchen utensils. Before the epidemic, the main customer for Ornee was tourist consumers, but due to the epidemic, the decrease in customer sources led to a sharp drop in sales. In the face of the crisis, Ornee had to start looking for another way, hoping to enter the Chinese market through new sales channels.

In this cooperation, Ornee hopes that with the help of LinkieBuy, they can efficiently solve the problems of IT development, e-commerce operation and marketing, digital management of shopping malls, logistics and other problems, accelerate the realization of digital transformation, and transform the high-quality products sell to the Chinese market through digital transformation, improve the full-channel sales, and further enhance the brand’s influence and competitiveness in the Chinese market.

For some overseas duty-free shops, they may lack experience in cross-border e-commerce. The cooperation with LinkieBuy is also an important breakthrough for their online business in China. Chinese consumers can directly order online through the mini-program mall, and the duty-free shops deliver the products to their homes by direct delivery.

From the basic construction of SAAS mall to on-demand customization, LinkieBuy provides the gamut of cross-border digital business solutions for Ornee. In the future, LinkieBuy will also strive to assist more overseas duty-free shops to complete the digital transformation of their business in China.

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