How to register WeChat mini program?

Steps of WeChat mini program registration

1.Retailer must have enterprise qualification.

2.Use email to register WeChat official account and mini program.

3.Use email to register LinkieBuy Backend.

4.Choose payment agency and logistics supplier.

5.Upload items, page set-up, examine and approve, on-line.

Mini program registration flow


▶ Need 1 new email (never registered WeChat before) for mini program registration and 2 new emails for WeChat official account registration.

▶ Short name should be included in the whole name of mini program and must be consecutive.

▶Special categories, live ecommerce function should be applied for after finishing mini program registration.

▶WeChat authentication needs 99 USD (Chinese company 300 RMB).

Attention: Secondary certification is required possibly. The needed materials (select one out of four) show as below:

a、The legal person needs to take a photo with an identity certificate and a certified official letter, and the text can be clearly identified.

b、Upload company’s official website where company name and email can be seen, and the email is available.

c、Upload the company’s office phone statement (officially stamped)

d、Upload Chinese bank account of the legal person for payment verification.

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