How to advertise to attract users in the WeChat mini program mall?

Traffic is the basis for whatever e-commerce platforms to make profits. From traditional media to the Internet, to today’s self-media, these three processes can also be regarded as the three eras of traffic advertising. With the continuous transformation of business models today, traffic is becoming more and more expensive, and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract traffic.

Now, many merchants are trying to enter the Chinese market through WeChat mini-programs. The “light” feature of mini-programs that go away when they are used up brings great convenience to users. To manage a good mini-program store, the most important thing is to promote. There are many ways to attract customers through online promotion of WeChat, such as search, scan code, official account, etc. Today, LinkieBuy will show you the advertising methods in WeChat Mini Program Mall.

1. Official Account ad

WeChat supports the interconnection between official accounts and mini programs. WeChat official accounts can quickly associate and create mini programs, and mini programs can also display the content of the official account. The associated mini program can be used in scenarios such as graphic messages, custom menus, and template messages.

For merchants who already have an official account and have accumulated a certain number of fans, this channel can quickly import traffic into the Mini Program Mall. You can insert mini program cards or links in your daily official account content posts. If your official account can produce high-quality content and get a certain amount of reading, it is also a fast and effective method for mini program promotion.

2. WeChat Moments ad

The most important feature of placing WeChat moments ad is accuracy. Based on the WeChat user database, big data and artificial intelligence methods are used to screen reading interests, cities, consumption habits, gender, age, education and other information. The user groups are tagged, so that advertisements can be delivered on demand according to the settings, reaching users wider and deeper. platforms.

3. Mini Program ad

Generally, advertising in the Mini Program Mall supports banner ads, rewarded ads, and interstitial ads. Mini Program Banner ads support click-to-buy, and the latter two support buy-by-exposure bids. Mini program traffic masters can combine the characteristics of different mini programs, choose custom advertising display scenarios, support a variety of promotion goals and promotion pages, and can meet different marketing demands. Depending on the purchase method, the charges for Mini Program ads are also different, and the overall placement cost is lower than that of Moments ads.

4. QR code advertisement

The Mini Program Mall can generate a QR code, and through the QR code of the mall, it can be promoted in different scenarios, effectively achieving the purpose of promotion. For the promotion of the QR code of the mini program, it can be pushed through online methods such as sharing in the circle of friends, forwarding in WeChat groups, image advertisements, and inserting soft texts. It can also be used through the promotion of some offline event materials and the use of payment scenarios.

For merchants, in order to obtain more users through the Mini Program Mall, in addition to advertising and promotion, they also need to package product functions, user experience, and operation models. Only by doing these well can various marketing and promotion methods be used to achieve user accumulation and fission. LinkieBuy supports the establishment of WeChat mini-program malls for merchants, and also provides various marketing, promotion, and operation tools that merchants need when using them. It can help merchants realize online sales profits as soon as possible in the shortest time. Interested merchants can contact LinkieBuy for more information.

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