Cross-border GMV around 5000 million in Double 11, Xingyun Group LinkieBuy continues to upgrade for year-end sales

The annual Double 11 shopping carnival has finally come to an end in China. Xingyun Group estimated to end the Double 11 month with 4.7 to 5 billion GMV, a year-on-year increase of more than 50% and once again set a record in the cross-border e-commerce industry. This time, LinkieBuy, a brand of Xingyun Group, made its debut on Double 11, enhancing the merchant experience in an all-round way through system upgrades and achieving an excellent record.

After Double 11, LinkieBuy upgraded its SAAS store system again, optimized marketing tools such as group buying, seckilling, coupons, etc., to help global merchants better use diversified marketing tools and attract Chinese consumers to participate in shopping in a more localized way, thus directly increased sales of merchants’ WeChat Mini Program stores, helping them prepare for the year-end sales season in China.

LinkieBuy WeChat store is developed in China’s largest social media WeChat, allowing users to obtain and share within WeChat. The huge user quantity and extensive user groups make it an active battlefield for social e-commerce. The WeChat-based Mini Program store is relatively independent, and merchants have higher control rights. Through the development of Mini Programs and the configuration of marketing tools, brands can accumulate their own customers and provide a complete shopping experience such as preview, live, and marketing. Therefore, the LinkieBuy WeChat store has become an important channel for many global merchants and brands to enter China.

Simon Qi, Vice President of Xingyun Group, said: “Thanks to the huge market and our great team, we achieved this record. And we LinkieBuy will continue to upgrade system and optimize functions to prepare for the year-end sales, so global retailers can easily reach Chinese consumers even without a Chinese team.”

LinkieBuy is a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service brand of Xingyun Group. It is committed to helping global merchants enter the Chinese e-commerce market and provides them with a full-link e-commerce solution to China, such as the establishment and operation of the WeChat Mini Program store based on its SAAS system. As of this November, LinkieBuy’s business has covered three continents: Asia, Australia, and Europe, and has completed cooperation with hundreds of well-known customers around the world, including Benlux in France, Isetan Mitsukoshi in Japan, KISSBABY in Hong Kong, and HealthMore in Australia, etc.

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