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Southeast Asian Brands Tap Weixin Ecosystem to Appeal to Chinese Consumers

International businesses eyeing the Chinese market are doubling down on Tencent’s Weixin ecosystem to stay connected and engaged with local consumers, as international travel remains limited because of Covid restrictions.

Southeast Asia’s leading merchants such as Big C, one of the largest supermarkets in Thailand and Mandai Wildlife, the biggest safari park and scenic spot operator in Singapore, have launched Weixin Mini Programs to heighten reach and engagement and drive conversions in China.

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Industry Information
How to register WeChat mini program?

Steps of WeChat mini program registration
1.Retailer must have enterprise qualification.

2.Use email to register WeChat official account and mini program.
3.Use email to register LinkieBuy Backend.

4.Choose payment agency and logistics supplier.
5.Upload items, page set-up, examine and approve, on-line.

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Company News
How to advertise to attract users in the WeChat mini program mall?

Traffic is the basis for whatever e-commerce platforms to make profits. From traditional media to the Internet, to today’s self-media, these three processes can also be regarded as the three eras of traffic advertising. With the continuous transformation of business models today, traffic is becoming more and more expensive, and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract traffic.

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Industry Information
Mastering the marketing methods of WeChat ecology is essential for traffic growth

Nowadays, more and more overseas merchants give priority to the WeChat mini program mall when they enter China market, however, the layout of WeChat mini program is only the first step, and the subsequent construction of private domains is required. Traffic pools, multi-channel traffic drainage, scenario-based content, social e-commerce marketing methods, etc. are the necessary skills for traffic growth.

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Chinese Marketing Trends
The advantages of WeChat mini program mall

The number of daily active users of WeChat has reached nearly 1.2 billion, and the number of daily active users of WeChat mini-programs has exceeded 450 million. Therefore, WeChat mini-programs have certain inherent advantages in terms of traffic, communication, payment and fission

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Company News
LinkieBuy has formally launched its plan to introduce 100 Japanese retail merchants to the Chinese market

LinkieBuy, a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service provider in China, recently conducted an internal conference and declared publicly its intention to recruit 100 Japanese retail merchants to China market. The strategy focuses on the cross-border digital business of Japanese offline retailers, travel retail stores, duty-free stores, and other related industry merchants. The business includes cross-border mini program malls within the WeChat ecology, online marketing for e-commerce operations, cross-border warehousing and logistics, private domain core user repurchase, and other related cross-border businesses to China.

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