DOSPAIN launched WeChat Store with LinkieBuy to accelerates global duty-free network

LinkieBuy officially launched the DOSPAIN Palace Specialty Shop in Madrid, Spain on WeChat, a milestone of DOSPAIN Duty Free shop since it signed the cooperation agreement with LinkieBuy.

DOSPAIN is a duty-free shop located near the royal Palace in Madrid, Spain, selected European local beauty makeup, cosmetics, olive oil, red wine, coffee, companion gift, etc., It’s a collection of the whole Spain’s best-selling local products, and has become one of the first choice for many tourists when shopping in Madrid.

Spain used to be one of the most visited countries, hosting 84 million travelers in 2019, ranking second only to France, according to figures released by the Madrid-based United Nations World Tourism Organization. But the pandemic is hitting Spain’s tourism industry hard, with its GDP plunging 10.8 percent, the largest drop in the first year of the global outbreak in Europe.
The COVID-19 pandemic has also prompted many Spanish enterprises to accelerate the process of digital transformation, and DOSPAIN duty free shop is also actively exploring new opportunities for development under this background. Under this opportunity, DOSPAIN reached cooperation with LinkieBuy and launched the online WeChat store, DOSPAIN Palace Specialty Shop in Madrid, Spain in WeChat to attract more Chinese customers.

LinkieBuy is the world’s largest cross-border digital service provider for offline retail industry. At present, relying on its powerful internal technology development ability and professional operation team, LinkieBuy has provided online and offline linkage solutions for many global partners and customized all-round services for global retailers, helping multi-category merchants quickly enter the Chinese market.
The Spanish market is fully equipped to grasp the business opportunities brought by the new normal. Spain has an efficient multimodal logistics network, including 50 airports and 46 seaports. Among them, most of airports are connected by direct international flights. This leads Spain to the largest road and motorway network in the EU and the world’s third largest high-speed rail network.

The cooperation between LinkieBuy and DOSPAIN will also help DOSPAIN accelerate its expansion into the Chinese market and build a global strategic business network. LinkieBuy will also help offline retailers in the Spanish market quickly realize digital transformation and further sales increase.

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